Benefits of Using Solar Powered Lighting Columns

Some of the known energy sources that we know of do not have unlimited power supply. Therefore, it can be safe to say that in the future these power sources may soon be depleted because of our unending need for energy. It is in this light that power sources like the sun are being explored and studied so we can have new power sources with almost an unlimited supply for all our needs. Solar powered devices and equipment are being developed as well to maximize our solar energy usage. One of which is the solar powered lighting columns.

Lighting columns are fixtures or structures erected to support light units in areas or spots where they are needed. Aside from the traditional lighting columns, which uses electricity to power their lights, solar powered lighting columns have also been created today and the latter also contribute more benefits than the traditional lighting columns.


Benefits of Solar Powered Lighting Columns

  • Solar powered lighting columns have a nearly unlimited supply of energy source.

Using a solar panel with a one square meter surface can capture at least 1 kilowatt hour of energy per hour and this is on a clear and sunny day. With five square meters of solar panel, you will be able to capture a realistic 180 kilowatt hour every month. This is on top of the fact that the sun will stay with us for a few more millenniums. Solar powered lighting columns will serve us for a very long while.


  • Solar powered lighting columns can be fixed anywhere.

The flexibility of solar powered lighting columns is almost endless. Not only do they have an almost unlimited source of energy, they can also be fixed anywhere – even in remote places where it is deemed impossible for traditional lighting columns. This is because there is no need for cables with solar powered lighting columns. Since they are powered by solar energy, there is no more need for cables. The model created by Alfred Priess called Touché that can be fixed on the usual hard to reach places can prove this. Urban areas can also appreciate the solar powered lighting columns since they are clutter free in terms of cabling.


  • Solar powered lighting columns can also be developed to have maximum safety and protection against natural wear and tear and vandalism.

Unlike traditional lighting columns, solar powered lighting columns will have more safety and security. Traditional lighting columns are prone to natural wear and tear. They can also be damaged by vandalism acts like stone throwing and the likes. However, solar powered lighting columns can be developed so they can be sturdier. They can be made with materials that are not prone to corrosion like aluminum and can further be strengthened with the used of polycarbonate material that is tough against vandalism acts. Aside from that, they can also contribute in eliminating vehicle accidents because of poor lighting, sudden power outage, and more since solar powered lighting columns remain on in the event of a sudden outage of power.

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